in Largo, Florida since 1997

Bringing you the biggest & best selection of Pennsylvania Dutch and Ohio Amish Foods.

  • Just Arrived! READING DRAFT in 11 flavors: vanilla cream, root beer, blueberry birch, creamy red birch, black cherry, strawberry cream, white birch, grape smoothie, orange cream, sarsaparilla, birch beer. 12 oz. $1.45 each.

  • A-Treat, Pennsylvania Dutch, Frozen Run, Hanks & Kutztown Birch beer. Plus cream soda, sarsaparilla, and other A-Treat flavors. Nostalgic Sodas: Grape Nehi, RC Cola, Frostie Rootbeer and more.

  • Bird-In-Hand & Wixon shoofly pies, Golden Barrel shoofly pie mix, Cope's dried sweet corn, funnel cake & soft pretzel mix

  • King syrup, turkey syrup, molasses, maple syrup, New Hope Mills pancake mixes

  • Deli Meats featuring Kunzler & Groff's Brands, Troyer's Trail Bologna, smoked baked ham sliced to order, lebanon & sweet bologna, gourmet smoked turkey breast, roast beef, German bologna, liverwurst, corned beef

  • Specialty meats: Groff's & Kunzler regular & garlic ring bologna, scrapple, pudding, fresh & smoked sausage, kielbasa, franks, Weaver's dried beef, liver pudding, Berks ring bologna & franks, hog maw, beef chipped steak (for making cheese steaks)

  • Large Cheese Selection including: Farmers, Guggisberg baby swiss, Amish Farm swiss, Horseradish cheese, Cooper CV sharp, Clearfield American, Heini's yogurt cheese, Colby longhorn (white & orange), Super sharp cheddar (white), cheese curds, Walnut Creek cheeses, cheese spreads, Shenk's cup cheese, Amish butter & more.

  • Utz, Goods, Martins, Deiffenbach, Gibbles, Kay & Ray & Middleswarth potato chips

  • Unique, Uncle Henry's, Utz, Hammonds, Benzel's & King's oat'n honey pretzels 

  • BULK items: Large & small pearl tapioca, pot pie squares, noodles, vegetable flakes, soup base, apple snitz, oats, dried fruits, sesame sticks (various flavors), snack mixes, popcorn and lots more

  • Large selection of herbs & spices

  • Jake & Amos, Kauffman's & McCutcheon's and Yoder's apple butters - All sizes

  • Jake & Amos, Bell-View, McCutcheon's pickles & relishes

  • Specialty salad dressings including real bacon dressing, sweet and sour dressing, Gazebo Room Greek dressing, and lots more

  • Mrs. Miller's, Jake & Amos,  McCutcheon's jams, jellies & preserves

  • Huge selection of old fashion and nostalgic candies including licorice pipes, candy buttons, horehound candy, anise drops, anise bears, sassafras drops, 5th Ave, Clark bars, nonpareils, peanut brittle, Wilbur buds and lots more

  • Fresh, locally baked breads

  • Deli sandwiches made to order

  • Homemade in our store: chicken salad, ham salad, pickled red beet eggs, cucumber salad, potato & macaroni salad, pepper cabbage and more.

  • Special Holiday items available in November & December: Real mincemeat pie filling, Amish Turkeys, Whole hams, Clear toy candy and other old fashion Christmas candies

  • If we don't have it we can probably special order it!

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    Don't forget to bring your cooler!

    We try really hard to keep all of these products on the shelves at all times, BUT.... If you plan on driving a long distance to come see us, please call ahead to check current stock.
    The Amish Country Store, 206 13th Street SW, Largo FL 33770, (727)587-9657 or 1-877-787-9657

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